Q. Why do employers conduct group discussion?

Ans. The simple Answer is that group discussions are a powerful way of assessing one’s personality and soft skills.


Some of the key steps to succeed in a group discussion are as follows:-

  1. Be well prepared about the current news and events around the world
  2. Attend workshops on communication skills if needed
  3. Practice Public speaking to gain confidence
  4. Involve in group activities
  5. During the session keep yourself calm and confident

Example of GD:-

Here is one of the example of group discussion session attended by group of students:-

  1. 1. Will We Ever Be In Corruption Free Society????

Number of Participants: 5

Time: 15 Mins

Pratiksha said:
A very good morning everyone! I feel very proud to be sitting here for this exciting discussion. I hope this will lead to a very productive exercise.
When it comes to predict that whether India will have a corruption free society or not, I would say it is not impossible but also very difficult to achieve as I strongly believe that corruption is the price we pay for democracy. It not only prevents enough money to go in the pockets of the people who need it, but makes it easy for the politicians to grab it all. This problem is not only prevalent in India, but also in developed countries. So, I think corruption is caused by greed, which is inevitable pull of emotion in humans.

Vishal said:

Hello Friends,
Corruption is NOT the price we pay for democracy. Thus, it is possible to have a corruption free society. If you think about it, being a democracy is the only thing that helps us put our views out here. A democratically elected government is answerable to the people, through the opposition party. Yes, there is rampant corruption in the society, not just in the government services, but also in private sector industries, such as Satyam. But think for a moment. A lot of money has been looted with a legal check on power. What if we had no rights to say what we want to?
Akshita said:

Good Morning friends,
What I believe is that it is very easy to say, that corruption is unstoppable, and crack jokes about the corruption in India. But if none of us pay a bribe to anyone, try to use monetary power to cut corners, this is possible. Government agencies might refuse to work without your bribe, but if none of us pay a bribe and he still refuses to work, the whole system will collapse. He will not be able to take it after a point. This doesn’t happen in a day, of course, but with a clear destination set in our minds, we can get there.

N Manish said:

Hello Friends,
I believe it is absolutely possible to have a corruption free society as we are the largest democratic country. We have many rights in our hands but as far as corruption is concerned democracy opposes it. If we know our rights and our responsibilities, we can surely throw away corruption from its roots. We have to change at first place because removing corruption is neither a one day job nor a one man’s job. We must stop giving bribe in public offices, to traffic police, we all must abide by rules and regulation then only the cure of corruption is going to come.

Rushil said:

What I believe is that democracy is not the price we pay for corruption but corruption is the consequences of unawareness of people towards this everyday topic of life. Corruption has to be stopped in any way and the main thing is to increase the awareness of common people towards this problem of bribes. The main power that could help in controlling this is the media. It could be the newspaper, TV or radio they have to start campaigns against this life taking disease. They can contribute a lot in creating a corruption free society.

Pooja Said:
Though India is a democratic country, we still have to pay to get what is our right. Corruption is the base for each and every evil thing that happens in India. Nowadays, we see news full of corruption scandals by leaders of the country who are ruling the country Corruption will not end unless there is awareness among the people regarding the bad consequences like hike in petrol prices, LPG, and other daily requirements which a common man has to pay for.

Akshita said:
Now-a-day we can’t find a place where there is no corruption. But by the year 2020, world’s 50% of the youth will be in India. If we blame others, nothing will happen and even corrupt people won’t change. So we have to be mentally very strong and we must have the determination to make the India the powerful country in the world
Rushil said:
Now, if you all will please allow me to sum up the discussion and put forth the important points as discussed.
We all agree that it is not impossible to achieve a corruption free society, provided, we, the citizen of India, takes an oath that now and in future we will try to make our country a better place to live.


Team – A good team with members willing to participate as no one asked anyone to speak; rather everyone picked their own chance of entering the discussion.

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